Friday, December 11, 2009

Dear Santa

Last week we saw Santa at our ward Christmas party. Sadie was quick to announce that he was not the real Santa! His beard was not real & we of course are used to Santa having a real beard.

Sadie was happy to see the real Santa finally. She's been asking for a Barbie for the last few weeks. Then last night she asked Santa for 3 Barbies, a Barbie bike, a Barbie house & a Barbie car. We'll see what Santa comes through with, but I'm confident that she'll be happy with whatever she gets. Claire asked for a baby doll, but she's also been telling us that she wants Santa to bring her a jack in the box. The extra little girl here is cousin Ella. :)

We found Santa at Bass Pro Shops this year. It's an interesting place for sure. Our local store is connected to the Silverton Casino which has this Mermaid show. The girls thought it was pretty cool & left the store saying they were mermaids.


chanel said...

gotta love vegas and the mermaid show!
that real santa looked awesome!! isn't it funny when lastminute they spew out all these things they want and you're like "huh?" nice.

i miss you!

gina said...

That's bizarre but my girls would probably love it!

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