Friday, December 04, 2009

Give Something Great

My awesome friend Chanel (her blog is private) has decided to do something really meaningful this year with her family. After watching a BBC report on Ethiopians that are starving because of going 2 full years without rain, she was moved to donate to a charity called Heifer International.

Chanel has set up a registry with Heifer International here. She is working towards donating goats but there are many other items as well. One goat costs $120, but you can also give a goat share for only $10. There is power in group effort for sure & we are hoping to work together to provide some goats to families in need in developing countries.

Here's what the Heifer International website says about goats:

Did you know that more children around the world get their protein from goat's milk?

That's because goats thrive in extreme climates where other livestock can't, and eat grasses and leaves that cause other animals to turn up their noses (or snouts)!

And if it's a Heifer goat, one struggling family can receive up to a gallon of milk from it every single day. That's more than enough milk not only to drink, but to use to make cheese, butter or yogurt, plus to sell whatever's left and buy much-needed clothes, school supplies and medicine.

Please take the time to check this out. My family is not in the most ideal financial situation right now, but we are able to get our girls a few Christmas gifts this year & there is no denying that we are super blessed. We have so much. And it doesn't take much to donate to this great cause. I've donated & I hope you will too. :)


chanel said...

THANK YOU!!! YOU RULE! You have the BEST followers too, so I know this can be HUGE and we'll bless so many lives!!!!

Candace said...

Hey Chanel,

Do you have a way of tracking what gets donated through the registry? If so...keep us updated on how much we are able to give together.

Mama Papaya said...

Wonderful gift. Heifer International has a wonderful book (that can often be found second hand) to read to children about what they do and what it means. Beatrice's Goat. :) Happe Heiferdays.

chanel said...

you bet candace!
as of now there are 4 shares purchased. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SHARES!

Anonymous said...

Heifer International is such a great organization with a wonderful way of helping people with a lasting change. My family gives to it pretty much every year.

Anonymous said...

Good mind, good find........................................

Lynn Osborne said...

Heifer is an amazing organization. Two years ago, I served at the Heifer Ranch in Arkansas during Lambing Week. An amazing week.

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