Saturday, December 26, 2009

It Was a Good One

Scones, nerf gun wars, legos & kickball....we had a great holiday. Hope you did as well! It's crazy how I woke up this morning wanting to clean & organize like crazy. Like this huge chore had been completed. Hope this productive feeling sticks around for a while.

I'll be back soon with a giveaway! Merry Christmas!! (Sadie says it's still Christmas today. I guess she doesn't want it to end.)


chanel said...

ok, so much cuteness in this post i can't stand it!!! a) their jammies rock! love matchy matchy!!! and love carters!
b) sadie is such a big girl on that bike!!! claire is ADORABLE with her ironing board!!!!
c)kids don't get the christmas is over thing at all huh? cute.

JMillerFam said...

So glad it was great for you guys....the girls couldn't be cuter in those PJ's! That ironing board is adorable...I'd hire her if she lived closer to iron our stuff! haha!

Miss you all!

Hope Brittyn gave you a hug from me!!!!

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