Wednesday, March 10, 2010

They Sleep

I know it sounds incredibly cheesy, but my heart swells when I see my kids sleeping. They're just so still & look so sweet. After a long day of all the kid stuff, when I'm feeling a little worn out, I go check on them after they've fallen asleep & I'm reminded that they are still my babies.

I was on a kick a little while back where I wanted to document how sweet they looked while sleeping. The white Christmas lights have since burned out & there's really no lighting in their room...There's no way I'd be able to get any shots now. Glad I acted on that urge a few months ago & now have these photos.


Tara said...

it's a great idea you took those photos - i can completely relate to the warm and fuzzies you get in the stillness of the nightlights, blankies, teddies, and their soft, rhythmic breathing. ah, sweetness.


gina said...

that's one of my favorite moments of the day- checking in on them before we turn in. i love the innocence of them as they sleep- i go to bed with my heart overflowing with love. :)

♥Ilse♥ (Rood met witte stipjes) said...

how nice!

chanel said...

that shot of claire w/ her dolly is priceless!
they'l ALWAYS be our babies!! :)
i love you!!!!!!

Rolyndia said...

So adorable! I love checking on my 3 right before I go to bed and give them kisses!

amanda said...

your girls are oh so cute. hey do you remember that hawaiian family that had 3 boys and a girl then she had twin girls and they lived in my apt place. do u remember her name? i keep seeing her around and totally forgot her name.

Broccoli Ginger said...

love it. :) i like gazing at my kids when they're sleeping too!

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