Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Every year I intend to make an advent calendar & every year I forget to make one until those few days between Thanksgiving & the beginning of December & time gets away from me & we have no countdown.  Until this year, that is! 

We set up our Christmas tree last Sunday afternoon.  That evening Claire asked me if Santa would be coming since it was dark & he always comes in the night.  I knew there was really no way to explain that it would be a long time until he came & that this would be the perfect year for an advent.

I set out without a real plan.  I just knew that I wanted little pockets to fill with goodies.  The numbers were just all hand drawn & ironed on with wonder under.  I really like the quirky, personal, handmade feel that the numbers give it.  I was even able to make use of some of my recently thrifted fabrics.

It still needs a dowel in the top & then I need to find a place to hang it.  The kids were super excited when they came across it this morning laying out on the table. 

Claire: "Mom, how did you make the countdown?" with such amazement in her voice.
Me:  "I just made it last night after you went to bed."
Claire: "But how did you make it???"
Me:  "I cut & ironed & sewed it together."
Claire:  "Was it magical?"

Ha ha.  I could squeeze her!  Christmas is magical & I'm glad they're already feeling that this season.


Gingiber said...

love it!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

such a sweet kid. i love that she asked you that!!!
im making mine right now. not nearly as awesome as yours, but it's my very first handmade one. :)

Chris said...

It is magical. I love the magic we make for our babies at Christmas time.

LenzLove said...

I think I say the same thing every year {although it's on the buy side} Your inspiring me to get off my duff and make one this year. I did go pick up a little tiny one at Target for $2.5 {so would know how many days we had left} But this is adorable

A. said...

Ooh, it's wonderful! I had my mind all made up to find a cheapy little one at Target tomorrow.........

chanel said...

wow!! that is one of the bets ac i have ever seen! they are super fun!!! and YOU are magical. im with claire- BUT HOW do you whip these things out man? You are ya!

Kat said...

that is awesome! how sweet is claire. Kids say the cutest things. But I must agree Christmas is a magical time of the year.

Carolyn said...

What a great idea...I am completely impressed that you just whipped this up!

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