Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Handmade Baby Gifts Received

I want to share all of the adorable handmade baby gifts that I've received from friends & family at my baby shower.

The cutest little velcro backed bow ties & darling wooden frame made by my friend Sara.

Darling little booties made by my friend Ritzie.

The softest crocheted blanket with cute blue stripes made by my friend Carma.

Super cool & adorable bandana bibs made by my sister-in-law Lilia.

And some sweet little onesies adorned with dapper bow ties by my sister Kimberly.

Hooray for handmade!  I know that when it comes to handmade gifts a lot of time is spent thinking about what to make before the actual making begins.  So I thank my sweet & thoughtful friends & family for taking the time to create such darling goodies for us & our new baby!  :)


Lizzi said...

Oh those are completely adorable!! I was thinking of making something for my niece's first birthday...and this confirmed it in my mind.

Muffin said...

These are adorable! I just love handmade gifts and try to give them whenever possible. I'm not sure if you remember me, but I went to school with your husband, Dylan. Anywho, I was just wondering what kind of printer you use to print your posters? My printer recently broke and I love your prints! Can you be of any assistance? I realize you're about to have a baby, but if you're not already at the hospital I hope to hear from you soon. Good luck with labor and delivery. How precious children truly are.

Sandy a la Mode said...

oh my gosh!!! i want to buy like... everything!!!

.Amelia.Bedelia. said...

Ohhh I adore the bow-ties! {first photo} Would they be avaliable to purchase, from whoever made them?? -Amy

Candace said...

Amelia Bedelia - here is Sara's blogger profile: http://www.blogger.com/profile/00982205608858806893 you can find her e-mail there & ask if she's up for making some to sell.

chanel said...

oh my gosh!!
those bow ties are AWESOME!!
How adorable...they make me laugh!!!

and i have a handmade gift im working on for ya!!! can't wait to give it to you IN PERSON!!!!

totally thought TODAY was the big day, i can't keep anything straight anymore...thank Dylan for the tweet so RYAN could tell me it isn't today.

Dylan said...

@Muffin - We use an Epson Stylus Photo R1900, which replaced the R1800 we used previously. It looks like they've got the new model, the R2000, for this year. Feel free to e-mail me with more questions: hello (at) dylantodd (dot) com.

Staci said...

Adorable! I saw the blanket and thought-- that looks exactly like mine! Then I saw my mom made it. :) So excited for you and your tiny! Good luck with the birth and that sweet baby!

moxiemandie said...

those bibs are awesome!!! So cute.

peteralexanderr said...

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