Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sadie Turns 7 Years Old

Sadie turned 7 years old this week!  Seriously, how is she that old already?  She is such a beautiful, fun girl.  It's been so weird for me to think back on that day she was born in early September in Idaho while my belly is taken over by another squirmy baby.

I decided not to do an at home party this year.  So she requested a Chuck E. Cheese party & this 9 months pregnant mama happily obliged.  She enjoyed every second of it & I'm pretty sure all her guests did as well.

I love this photo below.  She's even cute with crossed eyes!  Both of my girls have been talking about this ticket blaster with much excitement for the last week.

I was so happy to be able to just come home when it was all over & not have to worry about cleaning up any messes.  Other than being a little tired from being overstimulated, the kids were happy, happy happy.  It was a good thing.  :)

A little pregnancy update:  My contractions have started to feel a little different.  Nothing consistent as far as time apart, but they are more painful in my lower belly.  Apparently they are doing their job because my cervix has thinned a lot.  I packed the hospital bag last night just in case & perhaps I've waited long enough to do that anyway.  :)  We are all a little anxious in awaiting this life change.  I can't wait to see what this boy looks like! 

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Sadie! What a fun party. I can't wait to see what little Sparkle Power Boy looks like too! :)

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