Friday, December 30, 2011

Top Knot Hat

How do you feel about chunky little babies with big bright eyes in little hats?  I love them & I particularly love this one.  Finn is 3-1/2 months old now.  He's filled out quite nicely, wouldn't you say?  He's a little over 14 lbs. now.  He talks up a storm (or coos, rather) & is working on grabbing toys.  Pretty soon he'll even be rolling over, we think. 

Finn needed a hat to wear out on Christmas Eve, so I quickly made him up a top knot hat using one of Dylan's old t-shirts.  I chose a nice thick one with good stretch & it turned out perfect.  I need to make a few more so that we have them ready to pop on this baby head throughout the winter.

I used the Top Knot Baby Hat Tutorial from Prudent Baby.  I sized mine up just little bit to fit Finnegan's slightly bigger than newborn size head.  :)


Jacy said...

Love this!! I'm expecting in about four months, and this is a perfect tutorial for my first lil' boy :)
Thanks for the link Candice!!

chanel said...

what the heck?!?!?! when did he get BIG??? oh those EYES! Totally your eyes! he is DARLING! sweet hat too.

amanda said...

He is just killing me with his cute! And I agree with chanel... it's like, foom! not a teeny weeny newborn anymore.

Tez said...

oooo Candace, he is sooo sweet! The little hint of tongue sticking out in all his pictures crack me up.
I'm sending a bunch of infant stuff to Ethiopia with my friend when she goes to bring the babies she's adopted home! Weeeee! I'm going to make some hats like this for her to give to the wee preemies in the orphanage. Thanks

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