Thursday, September 13, 2012

Painted Canvas Curtains DIY

This summer we moved into a little home of our own, after living with my parents for the past few years, and I've caught the decorating bug bad.  I've never been much into decorating.  I think because we've always rented & I've always felt like we didn't have the extra funds for it.  And even though we are still renting now, I feel so much a desire to make our space beautiful & comfortable & nice. 

In our living room, I knew that curtains would make a big impact for a small price.  I'd seen a few DIY painted curtains on pinterest & loved the look of big stripes!  So I bought a canvas drop cloth & picked out a nice mustard yellow paint color at the home improvement store & set out to get these curtains made!

I measured my panels & cut them down leaving one side on the drop cloth hem intact (less sewing later).  Then I measured my stripes (mine are 10 inches tall) & then taped them off.  Next step was painting.  This took more time & paint then I originally thought.  But a few days of work during school & nap time & they were done.  The material sucks up a lot of paint, but it is also really easy to get nice clean lines on the canvas.  I ended up using about one quart of paint on these curtain panels.

For the unfinished edges of the curtain, I just folded them under & ran them through my sewing machine.  I would suggest doing this before you paint as you won't want to use your hot iron on the painted sections.  I painted first, but luckily the canvas folds over really easily & it wasn't difficult to hem without ironing.  You could also just hot glue the hems if you didn't want to sew.

I made hidden loops on the back of the curtains for hanging.  And because I was so excited to get them up, I didn't take any photos of that process!  I used this method here.  My loops are spaced about 5 inches apart.  I think all curtains that I make in the future will be done with these hidden loops.  They are so inexpensive, and easy & make the curtain hang so nicely.

These curtains took more time to make than I expected, but it was totally worth it!  I spent about $35 to make them & I got the exact look that I wanted.  I love them! 

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